Mindscape Industries

Staff Bios


Robert Brule – C.B.I.SChief Executive Operations Officer

Rob comes to Mindscape Industries with a bevy of excitement to fulfill Mindscape’s mission in eastern Connecticut, and to carry out the vision of founder Tracey Magill by advancing innovative client-driven programming and striving to create a better tomorrow for Mindscape’s clients. He comes to Mindscape with more than 25 years of senior leadership experience in the human service field, most recently as Chief Operating Officer at Project Genesis, Inc.

Rob brings two decades of diverse experience to Mindscape. As Chief Operating Officer of Project Genesis, he oversaw the day-to-day operation of the company, and successfully directed, supervised, and provided oversight to the Acquired Brain Injury, Special Education Support Services and Bureau of Rehabilitation Services programs and was responsible for more than 125 participants and 225 employees, program managers and directors. He was also responsible for setting performance benchmarks for the organization while ensuring local, state and federal compliance to regulations and applicable licensing standards.

Rob has committed his career to the ABI/TBI community and is a Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS). He has established extensive partnerships with businesses in eastern Connecticut. As an ABI Program Manager and COO in eastern Connecticut since 2008, Rob developed extensive relationships with DSS social workers, DMHAS community integration specialists, clinical team leaders, Money Follows the Person, clients, conservators and family members.

Prior to his shift to the the non-profit world in 2008, Rob was a Residential Manager for Eastern Community Development Corporation, working closely with the Department of Developmental Services, opening and supervising DDS Licensed Group Homes, In-Home Support programs and DDS Day Programs. Rob was responsible for supervising 50 participants and 75 employees and has also acted as a crisis intervention specialist, and was a certified physical/psychological management training instructor.

Outside of his professional life, Rob was recently elected as Selectman for the Town of Waterford, CT in November 2015. He has also served on the Representative Town Meeting and was chairman of the Community Center Building Committee in Waterford with responsibility for the building design, chairing public meetings, reviewing RFP’s and change orders, and overseeing construction of the $7 million Waterford (CT) Community Center.


Karen Sargent – M.Ed, CRCDirector of Vocational ServicesCRC Certified Rehabilitation Counselor

Karen is a dedicated, energetic, and purpose-driven, vocational rehabilitation professional with over 17 years of experience in private and public rehabilitation settings. Her professional practice has provided quality rehabilitative services and program design to a diverse consumer/client population. The scope of her professional practice includes worker’s compensation, short and long-term disability, school-to-work transition programming, vocational assessments, job development, and placement as well as the implementation of employer-based, return-to-work programs.

Karen’s work with an injured worker and his employer resulted in the worker’s successful transition back to work, and was showcased at a national insurer’s conference. She has been the recipient of several organizational awards including the Circle of Excellence/Individual Contributor and Star Awards for her work with stakeholders, employers, and injured workers. A Connecticut employer with whom she worked closely to create job opportunities, received a state agency’s Employer of the Year Award in recognition of the company’s accomplishments in creating a diverse work force.


Teri Migliore-Roos – PHRDirector of Human Resources

Teri comes to Mindscape Industries with over 20 years of professional experience in the fields of Human Resources and Payroll. As Director of Human Resources, she oversees all in-house Human Resource functions for the company.

She also brings with her a vast array of experience across numerous industries including financial services, pharmaceuticals, medical services, staffing, advertising and marketing, fashion and accessories, aerospace, IT and consulting. Teri started her career in payroll and HR working for the largest provider in the country. She is also an industry renowned independent HR consultant.

Teri maintains active involvement in several community service organizations including Fundraising Chair for the local high school soccer team in her community. She is a Certified HR Professional, has her PHR, and is a member of Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the American Payroll Association (APA).

Mindscape Values

  • Dedicated to providing clients with individualized services within the lifetime recovery model, which aims to promote growth and success one day at a time.
  • Focused on providing the ultimate in Individualized Rehabilitation Services on a daily basis.
  • Committed to maintaining a highly professional and experienced staff to support clients in their individualized and ongoing successes.
  • Built on a foundation of integrity, professionalism, support, and compassion.
  • Striving continuously to exceed clients’ and their families’ expectations on a daily basis.
  • Continued improvement of facilities, programming, and staff to ensure that clients receive the best Disability Rehabilitation Services in Connecticut.