Mindscape Industries

Residential Supports

Mindscape understands the importance of providing high quality, residential supports to ensure the longer term community-based stability of its brain injury rehabilitation clients in Connecticut. As part of this understanding and flexibility as the premier acquired brain injury rehabilitation provider in Connecticut, Mindscape is capable of adapting its services to fulfill the individual residential needs of each client in order to better ensure his or her long-term success in their community of choice.

Rather than forcing Mindscape’s brain injury rehabilitation clients into a specific residential staffing system, Residential Support Services have been developed to work collaboratively with each client and their interdisciplinary team. These services provide a complete individualized staffing program based around the client’s personal needs.

To learn more about Mindscape’s Acquired Brain Injury Residential Supports in Connecticut, please contact Robert at (860) 949-8672.

ABI Program Supervisor

Mindscape’s Acquired Brain Injury clients are offered the option of securing Independent Living Skills Training (ILST) with experienced trainers. These Acquired Brain Injury service professionals are able to assist and educate Mindscape’s clients in managing the upkeep of their residential locations; ensure continued health and safety; support budget and retail tasks; enable safe community exploration; act as an advocate during medical appointments; and work with their assigned client to achieve all residential/community-based ILST goals.

Shift Supports

Mindscape’s Acquired Brain Injury clients are also provided the option of securing staff in flexible shift patterns to meet their needs. As part of Mindscape’s Shift Support Model, a comprehensive shift support system has been developed to ensure that clients are supported in their community based residential locations and communities by trained staff members who are scheduled based on client’s needs.

Residence Location Service

As part of the comprehensive brain injury rehabilitation services offered by Mindscape, staff members are happy to work with clients and members of their interdisciplinary team to identify an array of possible residential location options which match the client’s available budget. Staff are also able to set up location viewings and assist the client and their families to complete the paperwork required to secure a location of choice.

Landlord Liaison

An extensive network of landlords and Realtors has been developed across Connecticut to aid clients, their families and interdisciplinary teams in finding and securing residential housing. Moreover, due to Mindscape’s professional relationships with local landlords, staff members are ready and willing to aid the acquired brain injury rehabilitation clients in Connecticut during the rental negotiation process to ensure that they are able to secure residential locations where they feel comfortable.

Residential Program Links

Mindscape’s acquired brain injury rehabilitation program in Connecticut works collaboratively with the Department of Social Services (DSS) social workers, Connecticut Community Care (CCCI) case managers, private estate planners, Money Follows the Person (MFP) social workers, the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS), and a range of private groups to locate, secure, and staff client community based residences.