Mindscape Industries

BRS Services

As part of the company’s commitment to be a comprehensive service provider, it has developed an expansive selection of services in conjunction with the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS) that enable individual clients to successfully re-enter the workforce.

Core Services

Mindscape’s Assessments Services allow BRS clients to try out a job with an employer in their local community. Under the supervision of the Mindscape staff, clients will be able to participate in an assessment, which can last a day or two, or several weeks. In conjunction with this service, each client earns competitive wages during the assessment while performing actual job tasks for the employer. A comprehensive written report will detail the client’s participation and targeted outcomes during the assessment. In this service, there are two different types of assessments that clients are able to utilize:

Work Evaluation

This is a time-limited assessment tool that assists staff members in determining an individual’s aptitude and potential to succeed in a particular job/career. It has been specifically designed for a client with a defined vocational interest and desire, but who has not yet selected a job goal. The evaluation enables the client to perform real work activity in a working environment.

As part of the Work Evaluation, the staff will develop a comprehensive written assessment that will detail information about the physical demands, job tasks, job temperaments, as well as the educational and training requirements for each job. Moreover, experienced staff will ensure the best possible assessment by identifying potential job accommodations, which are based on the individualized needs of the client.

As part of an analyzed report, a detailed discussion of the evaluation findings, and the options available to the client will be produced. Both the client and staff member will review the results, and make decisions about whether or not the client is job ready, or whether further training or education is needed.

Working Interview

Over a two-week period, a comprehensive evaluation, under the supervision of trained staff, provides job candidates/clients with the opportunity to learn, and successfully perform work-related activities prior to being hired for a position.

In addition to the information gathered during the Working Evaluation, the Working Interview comprehensive report addresses potential areas of personal development such as punctuality and hygiene; the development of natural supports in the work place; job modification (if necessary) and costs; the client’s accommodation to the cognitive and physical job demands; employer productivity requirements; and employer wages and benefits.

Site Development

Mindscape strives to develop solid working relationships with employers across many industries throughout the State of Connecticut who are willing to reach out to clients and have them participate in a Working Interview or Work Evaluation.

Job Placement

Mindscape is committed to ensuring that those clients with specific job goals receive targeted placement services. In line with this commitment, trained staff will work in conjunction with clients helping them to locate positions in integrated and accommodating settings, in addition to assisting them in securing their desired vocational position. To promote success, this service includes the development of Mindscape’s client’s interview skills, resume and cover letter writing, as well as researching more details about the job and/or the employer.

Job Coaching

Mindscape ensures that clients with specific job goals receive targeted placement services. The staff works in conjunction with clients to locate positions in integrated and accommodating settings and assist in securing a desired vocational position. To promote success, this service includes the development of the client’s interview skills, resume and cover letter writing, as well as researching more details about the job and/or the employer.

On the Job Training Opportunities

As a member of the Northwest Connecticut Chamber of Commerce, and through partnerships with the region’s Workforce Investment Boards, Mindscape is continuously developing relationships with employers throughout the region. Staff members are always working on new partnering initiatives with employers who are willing to hire and train clients through On-The-Job Training programs. As part of partnership commitments, Mindscape also makes sure that employers obtain the appropriate tax credits.

Interview Preparedness

This service enables Mindscape to provide its clients with instruction and mock interview practice on behavioral and structured interviewing techniques in a safe and secure environment. Clients will have access to state-of-the-art Information with the Mindscape Technology Suite. They will learn how to use online resources for completing and following up on job applications, conducting career exploration, and researching job information. This step-by-step process results in a greater understanding of their skills and abilities and helps them develop an ability to create a resume and cover letter. Clients will also be able to: participate in mock interviews with the Mindscape staff or their own peers; learn how to answer tough questions (particularly around criminal history or lapses in work history); learn how to ask for a reasonable accommodation; and know when or when not to disclose sensitive information.

MI Insight

Mindscape’s “MI Insight” program is a specifically designed vocational rehabilitation program developed to meet the vocational, cognitive, and social needs of its legally blind client population. Working in collaboration with the legally blind client population, Mindscape’s Director of Vocational Services, Karen Sargent, and Creative Director, Alex Datzuk, created a hand crafted jewelry manufacturing program that has become recognized in Connecticut’s vocational rehabilitation field for its success and product quality.

BRS Insight clients work at specifically designed, repurposed, and adaptive workstations to produce an ancient form of braided jewelry known as kumihimo. The kumihimo braids that the BRS clients are taught to create by Mindscape’s trained vocational support staff are based around an ancient Japanese form of fingerloop braiding, used by the samurai to lace their armor. This form of braiding was selected due to its tactile learning nature, which complemented the tactile skillset of Mindscape’s legally blind client population.

As part of the MI Insight program, Mindscape’s clients have developed a complete product line of jewelry utilizing the kumihimo braiding method that includes:

  • Bracelets
  • Chokers
  • Necklaces
  • Dog collars

For more information concerning Mindscape’s MI Insight program please contact Karen at (860) 283-6463.