Mindscape Industries

Additional Brain Injury Services

Worker’s Rehabilitation Services

A company’s most valued asset is its work force. The State of Connecticut Worker’s Rehabilitation Services (WRS) has contracted with Mindscape Industries to provide vocational brain injury services, which will assist the eligible injured worker to return to work. The company’s Vocational Assessment and Job Placement Services focus on enabling the injured worker to envision a new job, a new future, and a new career.

School-To-Work Transition Services

School-to-work transition programming for students is critical in their understanding of how their education, life, and school experiences relate to the world of work and career pathways. As part of Mindscape’s brain injury services School-To-Work Transition Services help students identify and understand their individual strengths and interests, which will form the basis of a community-based career exploration or actual work experience.

Brain Injury Services provided by loving and caring staff

For more information concerning Mindscape’s brain injury rehabilitation services in Connecticut, please contact Robert at (860) 949-8672.

Vocational Brain Injury Services To The Insurance Industry

The staff at Mindscape Industries possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the short-term and long-term disability insurance arena, including an in-depth understanding of short and long term disability contract language.

Vocational brain injury services include traditional vocational/medical case management, and employer-based, return-to-work/accommodation plans for individuals on short or long-term disability.

Rehabilitation plans are medically approved by treating providers and developed in concert with the employer and employee. In addition, forensic vocational services are available such as: Transferable Skills Analyzes; Occupational Analyzes; Employability Assessments; Labor Market Analyzes and Surveys; and Lost Wage Earning Capacity Evaluations.

Our mission is to be the premier provider of support services to persons with disabilities, through specialized and individualized treatment planning provided by caring and well trained staff. Mindscape educates the client and potential employers concerning assistive technology options in the workplace to support and ensure long-term employment success.