Mindscape Industries

Acquired Brain Injury Vocational Services

Mindscape’s Vocational Services have been designed to challenge a client’s vocational abilities within a supportive environment under the supervision of trained staff.Unlike many other Vocational Programs in the field, the company’s ultimate goal in vocational programming is to provide each individual client who desires to re-enter community-based, competitive employment with the skills, experiences and assistance needed to achieve their goals.

For those clients who are unable to return to community-based competitive employment, Mindscape has developed a customized employment environment that is capable of being individualized to address each client’s needs, desires, and life goals.

Social Media Programming

Mindscape is committed to providing its clients with modern and innovative competitive vocational opportunities in the area of information technology. To support this commitment, Mindscape linked with experts in the information technology field to create a Technology Suite equipped with both Windows and Apple based products to meet its clients’ individual vocational needs.

Mindscape’s Technology Suite has been able to create and support a number of non-traditional and innovative vocational brain injury rehabilitation programs that have enabled clients to explore and secure employment in the fields of blogging, digital videography, digital directing and editing, social media management, online sales and marketing, and digital photography.

The Technology Suite also provides Mindscape’s clients with the tools necessary to develop professional resumes, provide access to online employment environments, and assist clients in the development of their online marketability as potential employees, while under the supervision of trained staff.


The Creative Arts Studio

Mindscape understands that art has the ability to allow clients to express themselves through a variety of creative processes. Research has shown that the artistic process can improve a Brain Injury Rehabilitation Clients physical, mental, and emotional well-being. In recognition of this, subject matter experts collaborated to design and establish a Vocational Art Program, which allows clients to explore a vast array of artistic mediums that develop marketable skills and products in a safe and therapeutic environment under the support and tutelage of trained and creative staff.

It is Mindscapes’ belief that the creative process, which enables clients to express themselves through the medium of artistic activity, has the potential to resolve long-standing issues, and problematic behaviors and feelings. Through Mindscapes vocational arts programming, clients are able to develop new coping strategies to assist them to manage behaviors, reduce stress, and improve self-esteem and awareness.

The Industrial – Arts Space

Alongside the Technology Suite, Mindscape has an Industrial – Arts Space. Clients can enjoy Vocational Services designed to enhance their skills in a variety of areas such as customized printing, metal & woodworking, refinishing, automotive, and a wide variety of art-based, vocational training initiatives.


B-Spoke Program

Based on the desires of many brain injury survivors to have technical programming options, Mindscape has developed and invested in a fully equipped custom motorcycle and small engine fabrication program. The B-Spoke Program has rapidly become a huge success with Mindscape’s brain injury rehabilitation clients who have had the opportunity to work on a range of repair and fabrication projects under the supervision of a trained mechanic.

The B-Spoke Program was developed to enable Mindscape’s brain injury rehabilitation clients to participate in true “hands-on” vocational training/employment. The program has successfully enabled a range of clients to develop/redevelop their fine-motor skills, visual spatial processing, dexterity, tactile functioning, and it teaches a range of fabrication skills.

Community Rehabilitation Counseling

Mindscape is committed to helping its brain injury rehabilitation clients achieve their goals in community-based Supported Employment. With this commitment in mind, the company has integrated a Community Rehabilitation Counseling Professional into its Supported Employment service offerings. This integration ensures that all clients have access to staff who are able to:

  • Identify appropriate community-based employment opportunities
  • Educate the client and potential employers concerning assistive technology options in the workplace to support and ensure long-term employment success
  • Offer employer liaison and worksite assessments
  • Connect the client to the range of community-based resources available to them
  • Utilize their own links with community-based employers to accommodate the on-the-job needs of each individual client seeking employment
  • Provide access to a range of networks and community based competitive employment opportunities

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