Mindscape Industries

Acquired Brain Injury Support Services

Independent Living Skills Training (ILST)

Independent living skills are an important component of Mindscape’s brain Injury rehabilitation service philosophy and enable the ABI/TBI clients to learn, re-learn, and maintain skills such as personal health and well-being management; self-advocacy; personal finance competency; and the identification and utilization of community-based brain injury support services that promote independence and self-sufficiency after injury. With this vision Mindscape’s trained Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation staff works diligently with each client and their interdisciplinary team members to develop both Residential and Community-Based ILST goals and programming.

Mindscape’s ILST programming has assisted and educated acquired and traumatic brain injury clients in the following areas:

  • Financial planning education and assistance
  • Activity of Daily Living skill building and oversight
  • Adaptive and Assistive Technology training and oversight
  • Self-Advocacy education and oversight
  • Medicare and Medicaid Redetermination assistance and oversight
  • Public Transportation training
  • Medication training and oversight
  • Social skill enhancement
  • Behavioral modification strategies and support

Mindscape Industries' Independent Living Skills Training (ILST)

To learn more about Mindscapes’ ILST programming please contact Robert at (860) 949-8672.

Companion Services

As with ILST services, Mindscape works with each brain injury rehabilitation client and their interdisciplinary team to identify and develop both residential and community-based companion goals, which support and continue the collaborative groundwork carried out by their ILST staff. Mindscape also utilizes companion services to support the brain injury rehabilitation clients’ recreational goals to ensure social and recreational fulfilment alongside staff oversight and support.

Community Living Support Services (CLSS)

Mindscape utilizes CLSS services in its community based brain injury rehabilitation support services to provide both individual “distance” support services and communal residential support services via trained and vastly experienced staff members.

Chore & Homemaker

As part of the community based brain injury rehabilitation support services Mindscape provides maintenance and oversight for its clients’ residences through Chore & Homemaker Services. Trained staff, who are familiar to the client, carry out basic housekeeping services to assist the client to successfully maintain residential hygiene, safety, stability and to maintain independence in their residence.

For more information concerning Mindscape’s brain injury rehabilitation services in Connecticut, please contact Robert at (860) 949-8672.