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Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation Services

Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Rehabilitation Services

(ABI) Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Mindscape is committed to being the premier provider of brain injury rehabilitation services in Connecticut. To support this goal, Mindscape aims to ensure that all Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation clients are supplied with high quality, motivated subject matter managers to oversee their individual programming goals, along with support staff who are invested in their assigned clients’ well-being and personal achievement. Mindscape leads the way in Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation by offering the most modern and innovative programming and equipment to assist each client in brain injury rehabilitation programming and to participate and enjoy an expansive array of individually tailored ABI/TBI services. These strategies include, but are not limited to:

Pre-Entrance Consultation

Mindscape recognizes that in order to collaboratively develop a successful person-centered, Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation program of CT for each client, it is vital to have a thorough understanding of each client’s personal and professional histories, both pre and post brain injury. Therefore, a member of Mindscape’s ABI management team will always be available to meet with prospective clients and members of their support team to gather information and develop a comprehensive understanding of their needs.

Pre-Entrance Consultation for Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program

Collaborative Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program Development

Collaborative Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program Development

Mindscape aims to provide its clients with a voice in the identification of their vocation, social, physical, and behavioral rehabilitation programming goals, and strives to avoid placing clients into “cookie cutter” programming models, which restrict choice, creativity, and stimulus.

Each brain injury rehabilitation client is identified as an “individual”. Mindscape is committed to matching clients with a skilled staff member, who will motivate, guide, and educate their client toward the achievement of personal goals and desires. Brain injury rehabilitation staff will also maintain respect, compassion, and patience at all times regarding the accommodations that are required by their assigned client.

Mindscape’s entire Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation team has undergone rigorous background checks, including drug and alcohol screening, before joining the company. In addition, each staff member has been selected based on their level of skill, experiences and character traits, as we believe that these are important factors to consider when matching staff with ABI/TBI clients.

Open Door Policy

Mindscape management strives to guarantee all brain injury rehabilitation clients satisfaction on a day-to-day basis. In response to this commitment, an Open Door Policy has been created, and guarantees clients the ability to interact directly with members of the management team to discuss their programming and staffing in a relaxed, supportive and open atmosphere.

Mindscape managers also interact with brain injury rehabilitation clients on a day-to-day basis during ongoing vocational and residential assessments. Mindscape believes that interactions at these levels guarantee that communication is maintained at all times.

Mindscape Industries guarantees that all brain injury rehabilitation clients are completely satisfied

For more information concerning Mindscape’s brain injury rehabilitation services in Connecticut, please contact Robert at (860) 949-8672.