Mindscape Industries

Programs & Services

Mindscape’s unique programs and support services have been specifically designed by leading industry professionals to facilitate positive growth and promote enrichment in the lives of those who utilize them. The infrastructure of each program and support option offered by Mindscape has been created to ‘raise the bar’ for service users and to ensure positive, life enhancing results.


All of Mindscape’s programs and support services are overseen by a team of highly motivated, professional, educated, caring, and creative rehabilitation professionals, who work diligently on a daily basis to ensure ongoing service user satisfaction and growth.


Unlike any other provider, Mindscape’s person-centered programs and support services have been designed to be continuously adaptive and have the ability to be seamlessly customized to individual service users’ personal interests, needs, and growth potential.

Moreover, Mindscape’s programs and support services continue to be recognized by industry professionals in areas such as social work, neuropsychology, cognitive behavioral programming, and client advocacy as being the most innovative, stimulating, and forward thinking programs available in Connecticut.

For more information concerning Mindscape’s array of support services please contact Robert at (860) 949-8672