Mindscape Industries

About Us

Mission Statement

Through specialized and individualized treatment planning provided by caring and well trained staff, Mindscape Industries is the premier provider of support services to persons with disabilities.

Vision Statement

Mindscape Industries is responsible for continually ensuring the quality of life of its clients. This encompasses the social, environmental, vocational, and personal aspects of a client’s life. In addition, Mindscape constantly strives to create a better tomorrow for each client. The company’s vision is achieved through innovative client-driven programming, and through employees who execute these programs for the benefit of Mindscape’s clients.

Mindscape Values

  • Dedicated to providing clients with individualized services within the lifetime recovery model, which aims to promote growth and success one day at a time.
  • Focused on providing the ultimate in Individualized Rehabilitation Services on a daily basis.
  • Committed to maintaining a highly professional and experienced staff to support clients in their individualized and ongoing successes.
  • Built on a foundation of integrity, professionalism, support, and compassion.
  • Striving continuously to exceed clients’ and their families’ expectations on a daily basis.
  • Continued improvement of facilities, programming, and staff to ensure that clients receive the best Disability Rehabilitation Services in Connecticut.